About me

My name is Fern K Hahn, pronouns they/them. Public transit is at the centre of most everything I do, from advocacy, to map design, to Posting. Having grown up in Oakland, I'm currently studying urban planning at Toronto Metropolitan University. A good Californian-Canadian, hablo español et un peu de français.

I have advocated for better transit in both the East Bay and Toronto. Last winter, fellow transit rider Darrell Owens and I spoke to AC Transit service planners about restoring crucial bus service to Berkeley's Ashby Avenue, an effort whose failure prompted us to co-author a piece for Berkeleyside. Since arriving in Toronto, I've become a volunteer with transit advocacy group TTCriders, helping out with public outreach efforts.

In my spare time, I design transit diagrams, often of fantasy rail systems for American cities. I try to design with accessibility in mind by using colourblind-friendly palettes and legible humanist type.

I also really like seafood.